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Connect Groups are a great way to meet new people grow & engage with the things you enjoy! They are just a diverse as we are! God intends for us to be in relationship and our Connect Groups provide the perfect place for you to grow in your relationship with Him and with other people!

May 3rd - June 13th

Virtual Connect Groups start Sunday May 3rd!!

Jump in and Connect!!

Walking on Water 2.0 // Sunday 1:00PM // FB Live & Zoom 
Group Leader: Christopher 'Stoke Rabiit' Ahlswede  386.214.3080 
Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of surfing? Do you have or need a stoke that can only be satisfied with one of God’s greatest creations? Join me as I guide you through the fundamentals of surfing via Facebook Live, Zoom meetings, and even a 6-foot surfboard’s distance away live beach / surf session! Get ready to get your stoke on! Feel free to text me for more info and connect on my page

at: ....Shaka
Creativity through Crisis  // Mondays 4:00pm // FB Live Private Group
Group Leader: Teri Lea Ahlswede 
Are you an artist, performer, or all-around creative?  Join our private Facebook group for a 6-week collaboration designed to spark creative process and art within this season of life. Each week will provide original pieces as a starting point to stimulate creativity as well as offer a safe space to showcase works-in-progress.  The goal is to inspire and encourage each other in a no-pressure environment as we work together to produce something beautiful through this time. Any form of art medium welcome! Join me at:
C.O.F.F.E.E. Speaks // Saturdays 10:00am // Zoom
Group Leader: Antoria Jones - 386.341.5797 
Coffee speaks is a place for women to come together and enjoy fellowship, laughter and engage in Bible discussions all while in the comfort of your home. I believe coffee is better amongst with friends. This is a virtual connect group for women only. Join our private Facebook page at:
Text or call for more info.
Rooted - Young Adults // Sundays 7:00pm // App-Houseparty & FB group
Group Leader: Abbagail In - 386.562.5562
This is a group for young adults where we weekly ask one question and discuss a certain topic. Topics that will challenge us and give us empowerment as we go throughout our days and weeks during these crazy times. It’s a place where we can encourage each other, love each other, and open up. No materials needed, just you. Please text me at the provided number above, along with your name and preferred phone number so you can be added to our group in the houseparty app. Also find our private FB page at;
Grateful Hearts // Thursdays 6:30pm // Zoom
Group Leader: Linda Gallagher - 386.761.9720
An opportunity for each participate to choose one thing that they are thankful for to share at group. The purpose of our group is to uplift each other in the midst of everyday life by sharing scripture, song, uplifting story etc. this gives a venue for friends to be encouraged and encourage others. Bring your Bible, journal & pen. Please text me at the provided number above, along with your name and preferred phone number so you can be added to our weekly zoom mtg.

Encounter Devotions // Mondays 7:00-7:30pm // Zoom
Group Leaders:  Nick & Melanie Nibert - 314.952.2599 Email:
Encounter Devotions with Nick & Melanie, digging deeper into relationship with the Lord. Walking in the peace of the Lord daily through connection, devotionals and friendship. Join us for an awesome time of God's presence and purpose on a zoom mtg. with us. Please text or email me at the provided contact info. above, along with your name and preferred phone number so you can be added to our weekly zoom mtg.  


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