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Pastor Joseph has devoted his life to becoming an expert in empowering others to identify and achieve excellence in every area of their lives. A radical life-changing encounter with God in the early nineties set Joseph free from a lifestyle of addiction and pathway of destruction.  Healed miraculously of cancer in 1994, Joseph engaged in a relentless pursuit of God.


He entered into full-time Gospel ministry in 1995. On February 2, 1997 Joseph Devineaux was ordained into the Gospel Ministry. Joseph & Heather have served faithfully for over 20 years in full-time ministry. They both currently hold their credentialing as ordained and affiliated ministers of the Gospel through Wave Network, Virginia Beach, VA.


Thirteen years ago, Pastor Joseph & Heather along with their son Joseph have embraced their ministerial assignment and stepped out in faith to pioneer Elevate Church. Together they are dedicated to reveal Christ in a passionate way through leading Elevate Church.

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